Skuratov Experimental Plant

Russian manufacturer of equipment for mining enterprises in Russia, CIS countries and abroad


Individual approach to the design and development of equipment.


Products that comply with the rules and standards of industrial safety.


The equipment is ready to fulfill orders of any complexity and volume.


We produce not only machinery and equipment, but also offer and implement our own technologies that allow us to increase the pace of construction by 2-3 times.


For more than 65 years, the company has been developing and manufacturing machines and aggregates in the field of shaft-boring, tunnel-boring equipment, mine transport, mine lifting equipment.


Modern equipment and machines for underground construction and mining


Original techniques

When designing equipment, modern calculation methods are used, including original ones developed within the walls of the enterprise.


We have highly qualified design and technological personnel capable of solving complex and non-standard tasks.

Modern standard

We produce machines and complexes of the highest quality that meet the modern standard and surpass foreign analogues.


Our task includes a full cycle of training in the management and maintenance of technological machines and complexes.

Author's supervision

All machinery and equipment in the process of operation is supervised by the author and technical supervision up to the design capacity.


All the equipment is high-tech, passes a number of checks, tests and is designed for operation in harsh natural conditions.


We offer a huge range of services in the field of underground construction

heat treatment

Our specialists are ready to perform high-quality work on heat treatment of metals, as well as their hardening and annealing of steel.

heat treatment

All types of thermal and chemical-thermal treatment of metals